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Patented Braided Carbon Fiber Rims

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Braided Construction

Braided carbon fiber means a continuous carbon construction through the entire rim. Compared to traditional prepreg, this results in a stronger and more uniform structure. The rim relies on the strength of the carbon fiber, not of the epoxy. 

Resin Transfer Molding

The resin for the rims is injected after carbon layup. This means no large freezers to store pre-preg, and a more uniform distribution of resin. Used in automotive and aerospace manufacturing, RTM is now available in the sporting goods sector.

With full manufacturing facilities in both Europe and the USA, carbon fiber rim production can be brought closer to where you need your finished products. By automating the carbon fiber layup, our manufacturing efficiency allows us to offer pricing in line with Asian suppliers. Lower shipping and logistics costs means you'll save money overall versus manufacturing in Asia. 

Munich Composites offers full OEM and ODM services. If you have a new rim design and want to put it into production, Munich Composites can help with design as well as create new molds and produce your rim for you. The advantages of producing closer to home will quickly be apparent with improved cash flow, shorter lead times, and a reduction in shipping and tariff costs.